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Нож. Лирика Нож. Лирика

Сборник составлен из стихотворений на двух языках, немецком и русском, а иллюстрации на разворотах выполнены Дэном Зозулей.


Тексты песен


The fish He loves his mother
And from gives to her himself
It shed's its skin in front of empty testicles
The old skin falls on the floor

He loves his sister
And from the back
Eats it's way through to the mouth
The gills bloody still from sucking
At the red large eyes


It is spawntime
He loves the dog
Oh god, from above
The fish now kisses with the tongue

Spits dead milk into your face
You don't dare to touch him


Everywhere fishmilk

It is spawntime

The mother was taken by the sea


The sisters don't have time


The dog stands waving at the shore


The fish needs his lonelyness


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